How to Teach Grammar Like a Pro

How to Teach Grammar Like a Pro contains 60 time-saving grammar cheat sheets you’ll be using every day.

Tired of wincing every time you have to teach grammar? Bored of having to teach things like the Past Simple and Present Perfect again and again? This e-book will give you fresh ideas you can start using today, including 60 time-saving grammar cheat sheets you’ll be dying to use!
This is the smartest way we know to teach grammar. You’ll be prepared, we promise!

How to Teach Grammar Like a Pro

  • 61 sections of teacher-tested methods for teaching grammar that really work
  • 350 tips and instructions in giving grammar lessons your students will enjoy
  • 13 tenses covered, several with more than one section dedicated to them
  • 50 tips in 6 sections to help you master teaching any aspect of grammar – learn how to drill, integrate and review successfully!

Making grammar relatable and intelligible is difficult for native speakers who have heard English all their lives. ESL students struggle even more and have even more questions. This 73-page book will help you answer them with fun, insightful lessons.

I already have other grammar books. How is this one different?

Difficult concepts have more than one section dedicated to them. One of the best ways for students to grasp a complicated concept is to learn it from several different angles. We make it easy by providing several sections on difficult concepts, including 3 sections covering the Passive Voice (19 step-by-step instructions and several takeaways) and 4 sections on teaching the Present Perfect, a notoriously difficult tense for ESL students.

We help you find answers to tough grammar questions. An easy-to-navigate table of contents and a color-coded step-by-step layout let you have several teacher-tested tips on even the most difficult grammar concepts ready in just a few minutes. Help your students master everything from reported speech to degrees of comparison in ways that you never thought of before.

So… Now I can always be prepared?

Yes, it’s a handbook for turning you into an experienced grammar teacher. This book provides several ways for students to tackle difficult grammar subjects and contains several essential sections on how to teach grammar with the best methods possible. Whether you’re following 4 tips for making your grammar lessons livelier or integrating 8 steps for teaching the verb system, including past, present and future tenses, How to Teach Grammar Like a Pro is designed to enrich you and your students

.How to Teach Grammar Like a Pro

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