IELTS Academic Words 

IELTS Academic Words will provide you with 1001 Super words for the IELTS Academic. This is a new method of vocabulary acquisition for the English language examination.

IELTS Academic Words

IELTS Academic Words contains 1001 Super words for the IELTS Academic exam. This is a novel approach of learning vocabulary for the English language exam.

IELTS Academic Vocabulary

One fundamental requirement for a good score in IELTS – or any other complex English language test – is the possession of a well-developed vocabulary. This is not at all surprising; teachers and students alike instinctively know when it is the lack of words that is holding back progress.

First and foremost, a chosen word must be right for its purpose. Finding the right word or phrase can be frustrating at times for native English speakers, but English language learners are disadvantaged by being unable to hear if their choice is appropriate. Something else must suffice and that can really only be targeted practice. Secondly, if its acquisition is to be of any real value, a new word or phrase must be familiar within a variety of contexts.

Keith’s Method achieves both aims; that of acquisition and correct application. With regular study, a student’s word bank will quickly enlarge, and the vocabulary will belong where it is used – all in the shortest a.mount of time.

The Method is in three parts; it is simple to apply, and it works. Try it and see.

How the 1001 Super words and phrases were selected?

These 1001 words and phrases were culled from various freely available word lists of universities and texts. Words that were thought to be too commonplace such as “transport”, “adult” or “odd” were rejected, as were words that seemed too specific to academic subjects such as “aggregate”, “chapter” and “ethic”.

If the Academic Word List of The School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies of Victoria University, Wellington, is consulted, it will be found that 345 of the first 500 headwords are included. Not only the so-called headwords were used, but there has been a conscious effort to present a variety of forms. These words were also found to have a high frequency in academic texts.

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IELTS Academic Words 

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