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IELTS Academic & General Task 2

The  IELTS Academic & General Task 2  is the best book to get a really high score on IELTS. The book will teach you how to write an effective essay in Task 2.  I hope that you are going to like it.  You can also IELTS Advantage Writing Skills.

IELTS Academic & General Task 2

This book has been written to provide the IELTS student with a brief summary outlining how to write an effective essay in the Task 2 portion of the Academic and General IELTS tests. It is hoped that this book acts as a supplement to the student’s repertoire of IELTS writing resources and not the student’s sole source of guidance for their studies in essay writing. Although valuable, reading up on the subject of IELTS essay writing alone will not ascertain success on the Task 2 portion of the IELTS exam. Students should be actively practicing their essay writing skills on a regular basis with direct coaching from an IELTS instructor.

While reading this book, the IELTS student should remember that there is no single ‘correct’ essay format. Examiners award marks to the structural presentation of written language based on its ability to communicate a message, not the employment of a predetermined essay formula. It is for this reason the student needs to think critically about how they respond to their IELTS Task. Tailoring the essay structures taught in this book to fulfill an essay question may be needed.

I really hope that you have found this book useful to you.  You can download the book from the button below. I wish you all the best in your IELTS test. Good Luck!

IELTS Academic & General Task 2

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