IELTS Advantage Writing Skills

The IELTS Advantage Writing Skills book gives students the content to stick to the IELTS Writing Task 1 +2 exam, while also giving step-by-step instructions on the various tasks in the IELTS Writing format. This is a great IELTS writing practice book that has helped a lot of students to get good grades.

IELTS Advantage Writing Skills

In addition, the book also shows the IELTS learners how to organize and structure good writing for both types of task 1 and task 2, including good samples, showing the learners exactly what examiner is. writing requirements, or requirements of IELTS Writing, help learners develop ideas and vocabulary on common IELTS Writing topics, help learners improve their confidence and fluency in each lesson. writing IELTS.

Not only that, the book also gives readers a sense of security about the grading criteria for “Lexical Resource” – the scoring criteria for vocabulary. In the book, help IELTS learners focus on academic English vocabulary and IELTS collocations, practical grammar exercises, helping learners easily use grammatical sentence structures. Be flexible in your IELTS writing most effectively.


ELTS Examiner focuses mainly on four things, and this book is designed to help IELTS test takers practice on each of them.

  • Grammar: Provides complex and accurate grammatical structures (for example, conditional sentence structure, relative clauses, noun phrases, etc.).
  • Vocabulary: Academic words, collocations, …
  • Organization: Guidelines for writing IELTS Writing Task 1 + 2 are clear and easy to understand.
  • Ideas & Arguments: Helps develop ideas for answering questions in task 1 and task 2.

Book content

The book is divided into 9 units. (Units 1-6 focus on academic essays in IELTS Writing Task 2; Units 7-9 focus on writing IELTS Writing Task 1, including lines, graphs, tables, diagrams, etc.).

  • Units 1-4 Advantages and disadvantages essays.
  • Units 2-5: problem and solution essays.
  • Units 3 and 6: opinion essays.
  • Unit 7: How to write paragraphs with trends in IELTS Writing Task 1 (changes over time).
  • Unit 8: Give instructions on how to describe graphs and charts and compare metrics.
  • Unit 9: Instructs how to describe and write processes and maps.


  • The book contains very good content about using a variety of writing styles.
  • IELTS Grammar exercises
  • Academic vocabulary for IELTS Writing
  • Academic Collocations help learners achieve band 7.0+
  • Model essays/answers.
  • Exam skills & tips
  • ┬áCheck & challenge.

IELTS Advantage Writing Skills

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