What to do if you got stuck with IELTS Band 5 Score?

In this article, I am going to discouse with you the reasons of you being stuck with the IELTS band 5 scores. Because if you got stuck with a 5 band IELTS Score that means your level is low intermediate and there are certain aspects you have to work on.

What to do if you got stuck with IELTS Band 5 Score?

1 Grammar

Remember your must be flawless if wish to get 6+ at least in each section, especially in writing and speaking
Many candidates believe that grammar is not so necessary , in fact, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

2 Poor vocabulary

It is generally believed that you don’t need to understand every single word in a passage. Perhaps you are right as long as you have upper-intermediate level of vocabulary, that means you know at least 3 synonyms for most of words, they mostly include adjectives and verbs.

Thus, it is strongly advisable to learn at least 10-20 words a day. Plus,extra vocabulary from diverse articles related to science not stories like Harry potter but magazines like New scientist, The Economist and online articles that you can google anytime.

3. Comprehension and context

Some people admit they have good vocabulary, however, can’t manage to find the answers in the passages. That means a candidate focuses on new vocabulary only, whereas one must focus on overall meaning of each paragraph by reading widely rather than quickly. It is advisable to summarise each paragraph one by one plus get new vocabulary and use this vocabulary while summarizing.

Likewise, Reading must be improved by reading at least one article a day not by doing tests often. By reading on a daily basis, you improve Reading speed comprehension speed and contextually guessing skill (guessing unfamiliar words by using the context).

4 Dictionary addiction

I see many candidates using dictionary everytime they see a new words. That looks like drug consumption ,on the contrary, context must be used to understand a new word. This method works if you have reached upper level vocabulary.

5 Rush

Most people prepare for IELTS or any other tests too late
For example 2 or less month before the exam and want some magical teacher to promise them a great mark.
Dear candidates, remember IELTS needs time as well first you learn and then practice tests not vice versa or other way. Like a person who recently graduated can’t get a good job without experience, same with IELTS. The recommended period for a person who has 5.0 and wishes to get 7.0+ is a year at least. (as most people are moderate learners. In rare cases this period can consist of 6 month but VERY RARELY. Thus, don’t believe in magic but in hard work and persistence.

6. Discipline

It is essential to have a certain plan for each day. That means you must NOT just practice test every day but IMPROVE each skill daily. By doing all tests you will simply will run out of tests and have no progress.
Another problem is that many people tell themselves – I’m gonna do IELTS homework when I have free time and often tell their teachers that they didn’t have time for HW.
If you don’t have time for IELTS FORGET ABOUT IT and QUIT !!!