Get IELTS Band 9 All Books

Get IELTS BAND 9 explains how the test works, and what the examiner wants to hear, and gives you strategies to organize your answers rapidly and effectively.


This is a set of books that will help you a lot on your journey to conquering the IELTS band 9 score! This book series is published by Cambridge itself, so you can be assured of its quality for reference and application for your IELTS test. Here is a brief review of this set of books.

The name is true, but these books are not for beginners because they are a collection of sample exercises, strategies to get a higher band score as you practice. So, if you have a band 5.0 or higher, please study this book, so as not to find it too difficult to follow.

If you haven’t reached this band, it’s okay, the book is not invulnerable to those of you with a low band, just refer to it and save it in your bookstore, when it’s time to use it!

This series has 8 books and is sold as an ebook on Amazon. However, there are currently 4 books here about Vocabulary, Speaking, Writing Task 1, and Task 2.

Get IELTS band 9 Vocab Secrets

Vocabulary materials provide you with selected resources from Writing, Speaking samples, and other sources. The author chooses vocabulary and accompanying example sentence structures as a reference source for you to use for the test when raising the band.

The vocabulary is divided according to familiar topics in the IELTS test: Work and careers, Education and schooling, Children and Families, Nature, Culture, Healthcare, Sport, Cities, Countryside…

Get IELTS Band 9 In Writing Task 1 Data charts and graphs

This document is dedicated to the Charts and Graphs section of Task 1, focusing on sharing how to do the test, and analyzing bar and line charts more effectively. The secrets to getting good marks in the Writing section are here :)))

The author helps you shape and question yourself for a more complete and better analysis of the charts. Following each step given plus examples, how to use vocabulary, sentence structure to write articles will help you form a habit of using words to be more impressive, to write special sentences towards band 9.

Get IELTS Band 9 Writing (task 2)

Besides the Task 1 document is dedicated to Task 2. The document is not thick but the essence is shared so that you learn how to write a higher score band. When you analyze the sample essay and the suggestions from the book, you will form a more “quality” writing style.

Specifically, the book will analyze for you the questions in the form of frequently asked questions, give a sample essay and then analyze why it has achieved a high score. Only a few points are briefly commented on but those are the small details to boost your score, don’t miss it.

Get IELTS Band 9 Speaking

With the target towards band 9, the book gives you a strategy to do each part in Speaking. Each section is a guide on how to speak, how to use starting sentences, how to connect sentences well and smoothly… Come to examples of sentences, and sample lessons for each part.

Although the document is not thick, do not ignore these great strategies because it is recognized and recorded by the IELTS examiners. From here, you can also know how to judge the examiner’s exam, and confidently raise the band score.

Above is an interesting source of Get IELTS band 9 material for you to plow up the band. Try to apply these strategies, vocabulary, and spelling, you will see the difference!

Get IELTS Band 9 All Books


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