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IELTS Essay 1

Some people say that restaurants are a waste of time. They claim that preparing food at home is cheaper, more economical and healthier.

Home preparation of meals was the traditional way of consuming most meals of the day. However large scale changes in the workplace have been reflected in the changing eating habits of society. Some would argue these are negative developments however I strongly disagree and have stated below with examples why this is not the case.

Firstly restaurants are most definitely not a waste of time, in fact they are widely consider to save time, hence the category ‘fast food’. Their popularity in serving food on demand in a quick manner can not be refuted, largely due to their by their meteoric rise and conquer of international food markets. All though sophisticated marketing campaign have been employed, building global powerhouses such as MacDonalds cannot just be explained by marketing prowess. The convenience factor at eating at such restaurants infers one actually saves time rather than wasting it.

Secondly, preparing food at home is said to be healthier however, that would largely depend on what is being prepared. Furthermore, due to changing socio-graphic factors, such as longer working weeks, and more women entering the workplace, traditional skills such as home cooking are disappearing. The cost of eating out has fallen considerably over the last ten years also. In the UK for example, in most cities which have large student districts not only is it more convenient to eat in restaurants it is actually cheaper than home cooking. Therefore, due to recent changes in society what was traditionally expensive has become inexpensive and invaluable for large parts of the society.

It can be clearly seen from the arguments above that eating out has become part of modem society and has numerous benefits over the traditional approach. To conclude I am of the opinion that this is a positive development.

IELTS Essay 2

Communication is less between family members of late. Do you agree or disagree?

As modem life is constantly changing it is said that family communication is breaking down. I agree that communication between family members has decreased mainly for two reasons. Firstly the role of technology and the internet has increased dramatically. Secondly, there has been a large shift in socio-demographics over the last fifty years.

Modem communication technologies and inventions such as the internet, mobile phones and personal computing have fundamentally altered the family. It is now common for adolescents to spend more time engaged in social media and the internet than actually communicating with their family members. The average teen in the west now spends over forty hours a week on the internet, it is doubtful they spend the same amount talking with their family.

Demographic changes over the last half-century such as more housewives entering the workplace is another example of reduced family ties. In my city, it was commonplace for the mother to pursue a career and pay for a childminder. This modem and increasing trend, especially in the western world has almost become the norm. Compared to a traditional model of sixty years ago this relatively new concept is another example of the reduced time spent for communication within a family.

To conclude both technological and demographic factors have and will continue to erode family communication. These two facets are the main culprits for the reduction of time spent conversing between family members, and the trend will most likely continue as more societies move towards a western economic model.

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