IELTS Express Upper Intermediate (PDF+Audio)

For those who are preparing for their own IELTS tests and aspire to target the band of 7.0+. You definitely have to try the IELTS Express Upper Intermediate book once.

IELTS Express Upper Intermediate (PDF & Audio)

The IELTS Express Upper Intermediate book is famous for its quality with good knowledge, the difficulty of the exercise is designed specifically for those who want to train to become masters. And until now, it is still the favorite of many IELTS learners (& of course I am) because if I say no, this book is really a “bright candidate” for Journey to the desired score there.

There must have been quite a few people curious about the book, so let’s start to keep it hot right

Who should study this IELTS Express Upper Intermediate book?

As the name implies, this book was created to serve and bring knowledge experiences to anyone who is at the Upper-Intermediate level (Ie the middle level, corresponding to B1) and use the book with them to improve your IELTS score to 7.0, or higher.

To make sure this book is right for you, take 3-5 minutes to think and consider your current level.

Do you fit into this book?

  • If your level is only at Intermediate level (3.0 – 4.5), choose other soft and simple start books such as Intensive IELTS book series, or from the legendary Cambridge family with The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS.
  •  If your level is above this level, ie 5.5, Welcome, you choose the right book and also send the right belief. Now it’s time to find out what’s interesting in this book.

What does this book have?

At the beginning of the book, you will be introduced and provided information about the IELTS test of all 4 skills, full from the test structure, how to calculate points and grading criteria → What this information is for those who are in the Upper-Intermediate level probably have to be jumbled, but for those of you who are not familiar with it, be sure to come back and study it carefully.

Going into the book, you will find that the content of knowledge is arranged and divided extremely neatly, science into 8 Units, each Unit will be responsible for guiding learners on the most typical Topic topic. in the IELTS test, for example: Climate and the Environment, Technology … (You can see more from the illustration below)

Special point: I bet no other book has designed logic like this one. When learning 8 Units, the knowledge of 4 skills will not go in turn according to the Units, but here the two authors have designed 4 specific skills as follows:

  • Knowledge of Reading & Speaking test is categorized into odd units (1-3-5-7)
  • Knowledge of Listening & Writing test is put into even units (2-4-6-8)

Purpose: The learner can focus his time on the skill that he is weak or needs to consolidate more by practicing and studying carefully (even learning over and over again) Unit of that skill without fear of affecting. other skills.

IELTS Express Upper Intermediate (PDF+Audio)

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