IELTS Interactive Flash Cards

IELTS Interactive Flash Cards is a 2500 Key Words for Intermediate and Advanced English learners. This book can help you thoroughly master thousands of high score words. It will enable you to capture the power of active recall and spaced repetition, which scientists say are the best principles of efficient learning.

IELTS Interactive Flash Cards

Acquire the vocabulary you need with our powerful approach:

IELTS High-Frequency Word Lists.

Interactive feedback.

Comprehensive definitions (powered by the Kindle/Kindle apps Built-in dictionaries).

Specially designed for the Kindle.

• Audio pronunciation for every headword!

It enables you to:

Adapt your learning to your way of life (with Kindle Whispersync technology).

Test yourself and monitor your progress.

Study anywhere/anytime.

IELTS Interactive Flash Cards Book

If you are preparing for the IELTS, studying advanced vocabulary is absolutely essential to get the maximum score. Knowing hundreds of “tough” words will greatly improve your comprehension skills and your fluency. IELTS Interactive Flash Cards – 2500 Key Words Book 1: Intermediate/Advanced can help you in a way no other ordinary book can. It is ideal for self-study whenever you want, wherever you are.

You study our interactive flashcards and you receive feedback right away. It’s as if you have a private English vocabulary tutor on the spot explaining these words in detail again and again. After studying the flashcards in this unique e-book, you will have mastered thousands of must-know words quickly and easily. Our specially designed e-book enables you to make the best use of the Kindle Built-in dictionary so you can delve deeper into the meaning and usage of a word.

This e-book is very convenient even if you don’t own a Kindle device; you can download it simultaneously to your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, thanks to the FREE Kindle applications. You can save and synchronize your notes and highlights across all your devices, so you can start studying on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device.

IELTS Interactive Flash Cards


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