IELTS Introduction Study Skills + Audio

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Welcome to IELTS Introduction Study Skills. This is a different kind of exam practice book. As well as providing you with exam practice materials, this book will:

Familiarize you with the different question types you will find in IELTS and give you guided practice in each of them. Help you to develop the skills you need to be successful. There are four parts, corresponding to the four IELTS modules.

Each part begins with skills development. In these sections you will develop your skills through focused exercises, with detailed guidance given in the key to each question. Next, in the skills practice sections,

you can put what you have learnt into practice. Finally, the book contains a complete Practice test. As IELTS Introduction is aimed at students starting at around band 3-4, some of the reading and listening texts are shorter or the questions are a little easier than you would find in IELTS, especially towards the beginning.

Essential vocabulary is given in a glossary. This will support you as you gradually develop your skills and improve your IELTS score. For Writing and Speaking both model answers and sample student answers are given, so that you can start to evaluate your own work. Useful language is also provided.

The book is intended to be used for self study, but could also form the basis of a short intensive IELTS preparation course.

IELTS Introduction Study Skills

IELTS Introduction is a brand new course designed specifically for low-level students wishing to take the IELTS exam. The 12 units aim to train students within an IELTS band of 3-4 in the skills required. Each unit contains a wide range of IELTS tasks, with exercises aimed at developing listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills as well as providing extensive writing practice; all of the material any beginner level student will need for IELTS success! The book adopts a guided, step-by-step approach to tasks so that lower-level students are gently introduced to what is needed in the IELTS exam. There are shorter reading passages and listening tasks with IELTS-type questions to familiarise students with what to expect in the exam. The Student’s Book is also complemented with IELTS Introduction Study Skills which includes an audio CD and extra tests for additional exam practice. KEY FEATURES – Extra Audio CD for further listening practice – Full IELTS practice exam.