IELTS Journal Speaking

IELTS Journal Speaking contains tips for IELTS Speaking Academic and General Training Modules and will show you how to handle this part of the exam better.

IELTS Journal Speaking

The IELTS Speaking test is a bit of a mystery to most test-takers, and it’s been my experience that most people have a lot of questions about how it works.

So for all those who are preparing for the IELTS speaking test must download “IELTS Journal Speaking”. This book gives you full information about IELTS speaking as well as its syllabus. It also contains sample answers and question-answers to help you prepare for this exam.

Every hour of every day, new students come face to face with the new language that they need to succeed in university. Whether they want to study medicine or business, economics or English, the new language is everywhere.

IELTS Journal Speaking has been developed using a purposefully sequenced structure so success is predictable and enjoyable for learners at Key Stage 3. The five components of the structure are: preparation, oral interview, written reflection, school situation, and a listening task.

There are 2 aspects of the Speaking test.  The first is a conversation between 2 people, while the other is a one-to-one interview. In these units, you will find models for both types of tasks. The topics include a wide range of common daily activities and interests, such as family life, work, hobbies, and leisure activities.

For the Speaking section candidates to fill in their own answers in either computer-based or paper-based tests.

IELTS Journal Speaking

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