IELTS Prepare General Training

IELTS Prepare

IELTS Prepare is an IELTS preparation course, that will give you a full idea about the IELTS test and will make you prepare for the IELTS General Training test by practicing  5 real samples of the IELTS  the General Training test.

And the following are some of the questions that this course will answer for you.

How the test is marked?

Each module is marked on a scale from 1 up to 9. These bands are given according to highly detailed marking guidelines. These marking guidelines are not made public, but correspond roughly to the following descriptions:

  1. Non User.
  2.  Intermittent User.
  3.  Extremely Limited User.
  4. Limited User.
  5. Modest User.
  6. Competent User.
  7. Good User.
  8.  Very Good User.
  9. Expert User.

The test results form will show the mark for each module as well as an average (overall) band score.

What do the band scores mean?

There is no pass or fail mark in the IELTS test. The marks, or bands, that a student receives show their ability to use and understand English. However, it is up to each university and college to decide what bands will be acceptable for entry into each course. This will usually depend on the language requirements for the course, that is, how difficult is the level of language that students are required to use and understand in each course.

The advantages of the IELTS test

The IELTS test is very comprehensive. It rates a student’s ability to use English in the four major language skill areas: Readin& Writin& Listening and Speaking. Each module contains a variety of question types, and all of them are designed to simulate the language tasks that are needed in real-life academic and training situations.

Thus the scores that a student achieves in the IELTS test will give the student and the institution to which they have applied a clear idea of the student’s ability to use English and whether their language skills are strong enough for them to study their desired course, or to fit more easily into the English-speaking community.