IELTS Reading Actual Tests 2021 Academic

IELTS Reading Actual Tests 2021 Academic contains authentic test papers from recent tests, together with detailed answer.

IELTS Reading Actual Tests 2021 Academic

The new edition of IELTS Reading Actual Tests including a sample from each of the recent actual IELTS test papers in the latest IELTS format.

The tests have been taken from the latest version of the Academic Reading Paper, and have been selected by Cambridge ESOL based on their research into current trends in IELTS.

IELTS Reading Actual Tests practice guide to IELTS will give you a thorough preparation for both modules in IELTS, whether you are going to be writing the Academic Tests, and will also provide you with useful practice material in reading in English.

The Academic Reading section in the IELTS test consists of 3 passages which are mostly related to science, social science, sociology or anything of general interest. It is usually taken from journals or newspapers.

These three passages are arranged from the easiest to the hardest (i.e) the first passage is the easiest and the third being the hardest.

This eBook contains 25 reading tests (75 Passages) that appeared in the recent IELTS exam. The tests are sourced from recent test takers and thus are authentic.

These questions are of different question types:

  • multiple choice
  • sentence completion
  • true or false
  • diagram completion
  • match the headings

An answer key is provided towards the end of the book and is verified by certified IELTS Trainers.

The IELTS Reading (Academic) Actual Tests with Answers (September – December 2021)  book has a total of 25 actual tests, with answers, from Academic module.

IELTS Reading Actual Tests 2021 Academic

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