IELTS Reading Practice Material 2019

IELTS Reading Practice Material is a Complete IELTS Reading Workbook for a Thorough IELTS Reading Practice.

IELTS Reading Practice Material with Answers

IELTS Reading Practice Material with Answers is one of the best IELTS Reading practice materials. 

How this book is different from other books available in the market?

Unlike paper books and other e books, you don’t have to scroll or turn pages back and forth while answering questions.

One-touch navigation links (with one single touch you will execute the intended action) are available between each questions and their respective texts/paragraphs, and vice versa. This will save you a lot of time, and makes your answering quicker.

Apart from this, one-touch reference links are available for every word in this book (including any words from paragraphs, questions, instructions, or even these words, which you are reading right now).

Reference In-Built

There are mainly five types of reference links are available in this book. They are:

  1. Dictionary:–
    In-built dictionaries are available for referring any word you touch and hold. This feature helps you save a lot of time by:

    1. You don’t have to search through a paper bind dictionary to find the meaning of the word.
    2. You don’t have to check out a word list under the heading ‘vocabulary’ to improve your vocabulary. While reading this book you can learn the meaning of words that you don’t know, by just a single touch and hold over the unknown word that you find.
    3. There is an in-built Oxford English dictionary available for your reference, which shows the meaning in a pop up dialogue box. If you prefer detailed meaning or the meaning of phrases related to the word, then you can easily choose full definition in the pop-up box for further details and pronunciation.
    4. In-built English – Native languages dictionaries are also available, if you desire to know more about the word in your mother tongue. This will increase levels of understanding the word in detail and helpful to remember quickly later.
  2. Wikipedia:–
    In-built Wikipedia reference is available for referring any word you touch and hold. This feature helps you save a lot of time by:

    1. You don’t have to manually browse internet to find the Wikipedia reference of the word.
    2. You can read Wikipedia reference without closing or minimizing the kindle app in which you are reading the book.
    3. Wikipedia reference of the word you selected is available in both pop-up dialog box and in detail as you choose.
    4. This helps in the better understanding of technical and technological terms.
  3. Translation:–
    In-built quick translation to selected native language is available for referring any word you touch and hold.
  4. Web-search:–
    Helps you search about the word in your browser for an extended research.
  5. In book search:–
    Helps you find the selected word appearing in the book itself in other locations.

Final Note

This was our IELTS Reading book for today. I hope that you are going to get the best out of it. You can get

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