IELTS Reading Test

In the IELTS Reading Test, you will be given an hour to finish answering all three sections of the IELTS Academic or General Reading test. Let’s learn more about the reading test.

IELTS Reading Test Introduction

  • The reading test comes after the IELTS listening test. It is the second section of the IELTS test.
  • The reading test lasts 60 minutes (do not get a break).
  • There are 3 sections (each section has 13 or 14 questions)
  • There are 40 questions in total.
  • No extra time is given to transfer your answers from the questions to the answer sheet. Therefore, you have to complete the answer sheet within the 60 minutes.
  •  You must use a pencil to write answers on the Answer Sheet because it is scanned by a computer. That’s the same as the IELTS listening test.
  •  There is a wide variety of tasks candidates may have to complete.

IELTS Reading Marking And Assessment

  •  The scores are calculated by the number of correct answers you have. There are 40 questions which are equivalent to 40 points. Each time you get a correct answer, you get 1 point (no 1/2 points). That is how your band scores are calculated.
  • You have to follow the instructions exactly (e.g. must stay within word/number limit).
  • Spelling and grammar must be correct (e.g. singular or plural; use the correct form of the words). You will lose marks if you misspell a word or if you put a word in the wrong grammatical form.
  • There is no deduction for a wrong answer – so if you’re not sure, guess!

IELTS reading scores

According to official IELTS guidelines:

Band 5.5 = 20 — 22 correct answers.

Band 6.0 = 23 — 26 correct answers.

Band 6.5 = 27 — 29 correct answers.

Band 7.0 = 30 — 32 correct answers.

Band 7.5 = 33 — 34 correct answers.

Band 8.0 = 35 — 37 correct answers.

Band 83 = 38 — 39 correct answers.



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