IELTS Simulation Tests

IELTS Simulation Tests is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the IELTS test and practise your English skills to help you prepare for the IELTS test.

This free IELTS simulation test is based on authentic IELTS test materials and includes sections for IELTS Listening, IELTS Reading, and IELTS Writing.

IELTS Simulation Tests

This is a set of simulations such as the real exam produced by Neworiential – China’s largest education group with 12 quality topics, helping you to practice everyday. Although the book is Chinese, the source of the simulations in the book are of high quality so you can rest assured to choose additional practice in addition to the Cambridge ones.

Recommended practice book for you to reach band 5 and above. However, according to her evaluation and many of her peers who have studied this book, the content topics are richer, more interesting and “easier” than the other practice books. Therefore, you in the lower band can be used to refer to all types of problems, try to do, not need to practice in depth.

Subjects are provided in a variety of detail, often appearing in the IELTS test. The author selects real IELTS topics and simulates many new topics to help you practice accordingly. The book is divided into two sections, Academic (10 subjects) and General (2 subjects). At the end of the book, there are Tapescripts and Answer Keys for you to compare after you have done the test.

The simulations are like the real exam, in the exam format. The special thing is that the book comes with an Audio version specifically for Listening and Speaking, so you can refer to your test. Practice listening, speaking with ideas.

You can download both the PDF and the Audio from the links below. Good Luck!

IELTS Simulation Tests

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