IELTS Speaking Cue Cards Samples

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards Samples will provide you with more than 200  Cue Cards Samples for the IELTS Speaking test with module answers.

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards Samples

This is a sample of the 200 Cue Cards Samples. You will find the rest in side the book with the module answers.

1- A situation when you waited for a bus or a train.
2- A challenging profession you know about.
3- A story popular in your country.
4- A fruit popular in your country.
5- A new year celebration that you still remember.
6- An experience you had with a type of foreign food.
7- Something you do to help others.
8- A sport you would like to learn.
9- A natural calamity that you fear.
10- A gift you gave to a child.
11- A game you play on your mobile phone.
12- A harmful environmental problem.
13- A well-paid job that you think you would be good at.
14- A family picnic or tour you have had.
15- A letter you wrote to someone.
16- An event you felt unhappy about.
17- An irritating person you know about.
18- A time when you were forced to do something against your will.
19- A person who leads an exemplary life.
20- Something your friends have but you don’t.
21- A restaurant that has recently opened in your town.
22- An important historical event in your country.
23- Your favorite flower.
24- The person in your family you most admire.
Part 3: Two-way discussion (Attitudes to family).
Part 3: Two-way discussion (Family or friends).
Part 3: Two-way discussion (Family responsibilities).
25- Your favorite movie/film.
26- A shop near where you live that you sometimes go to.
27- Type of clothes you like.
28- A rainy day you can remember.
29- An animated movie you recently enjoyed.
30- A day when you stayed home all day.

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