IELTS Speaking Essentials

IELTS Speaking Essentials investigates what skills and strategies are required in IELTS Speaking test and it effectively served the purpose of both the Academic and General Candidate, particularly those appearing for the Interview Sessions to learn the technique of facing Interviews and Interacting with the Interviewee in the IELTS (The International English Language Testing System Examinations). It covers all the three vital aspects of Speaking Essentials as laid down in the IELTS Exams, i.e., Part- 1 Personal Interaction, Part – 2 Q – Cards and Part -3 Follow up Session.

IELTS Speaking Essentials

The book is specially designed to investigate what skills and strategies are required in writing and speaking modules that distinguish the IELTS proficiency levels. There are a number of factors like Word Stress, Intonation, Rhythm, and Cohesive Devices, which is required on behalf of the IELTS candidate in order to determine their assessment over four-band scales: Fluency, Grammatical Range and Accuracy, Lexical Resource, and Pronunciation. But how to attain all these skills is still a matter of discussion. Without understanding these technical aspects of the English language, it is difficult for the IELTS candidate to score better in the IELTS Speaking Test as this is the criterion for their oral proficiency. In non-native English countries like India and China, no preference is given to learning all these skills. Only a few study materials are provided to them to memorize the answers. No preference is to be laid in building of Rhetoric among the candidate. The major objective of the book is:

  • Making the IELTS candidate proficient in speaking tests by teaching them all the Rhetorical devices like Word Stress, Intonation, Rhythm, Cohesive Devices, Fluency, Lexical Resource, etc.
  • All these techniques should be properly designed and provided to the students in the form of study materials.
  • Sound recorder (self-created by students in mobile phones) software should be used to maintain the Rate of Speech in the IELTS Speaking Task 2 * Speech therapies should be given to the students to twist their tongues in L2.

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