IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests with Suggested Answers PDF

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests is one of the best IELTS speaking materials that you use to improve your IELTS speaking skills. This book was made for students from Vietnam. You can try the recent English version IELTS Speaking Actual Tests 2020.

This IELTS Ebook comes with suggested answers for the IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests.  this is definitely a really good IELTS PDF book for students who want to improve their IELTS Speaking score.

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual 

IELTS Speaking Recent Actual Tests & Suggested Answers, this is definitely a very good document for students who want to improve their IELTS Speaking score.

The main content of the book:

  • Provide the most common situations and solutions in the IELTS speaking room. 3 Steps to practice preparing for the IELTS Speaking test.
  • Things to know about IELTS Speaking: What are the criteria and examiners?
  • Practice and analyze the most common topics in IELTS Speaking part 1: Accommodation, Bird, Car and Driving, Childhood Activity, Color, …
  • How to answer IELTS Speaking Part 2, typical topics in Part 2 and Part 3: Work and study, Media and Culture, 
  • Vocabulary and sentence patterns should be used to achieve high scores.

The IELTS Speaking Recent pdf book with suggested answers provides extremely useful words and phrases and has been translated into Vietnamese so it is easy to understand.

In the first few books talking about the criteria for taking the IELTS Speaking test, giving the errors that Vietnamese candidates often make and offering solutions to improve them!

Therefore, this is very effective learning material for beginners of IELTS and especially with poor vocabulary. Before or after each topic, the book provides words or phrases that belong to that topic, which are translated into Vietnamese and the book also shows how to answer step by step.