IELTS Success Formula Academic (PDF+Audio)

The IELTS Success Formula Academic is not just a book of tests – it has a formula for success.

It begins by teaching you the best ways to understand and solve IELTS assignments, then provides you with comprehensive IELTS ‘fitness training,’ and last, it assesses your performance with a full IELTS exam, ensuring that you are genuinely test ready.

IELTS Success Formula Academic (PDF+Audio)

  • Become the CEO of your own IELTS preparation!
  • Become fully aware of what a higher test score requires.

IELTS Success Formula Academic will empower you, in a friendly yet thorough way towards that all-important, higher IELTS score.

IELTS Success Formula is a textbook designed to build effective IELTS performance, skill by skill, using hundreds of focused workouts, vital reference sections, and a full exit test.

IELTS Success Formula is a personalized textbook that goes deeply inside IELTS for that extra edge on test day. Great as a flexible, short-course textbook; ideal for busy test takers, and for those struggling to achieve higher IELTS scores.

A actual book, and in this instance a very extensive one, can’t be beat. IELTS Success Formula is probably the last IELTS book you’ll ever need – it’s got everything! Designed to meet the test preparation needs expressed by hundreds of IELTS test takers, many of whom are test veterans, IELTS Success Formula is probably the last IELTS book you’ll ever need – it’s got everything!


This book was designed to suit busy test-takers as well as people who can devote several weeks to IELTS preparation. Here are two possible test preparation plans:

PLAN A: CRASH-COURSE PREPARATION (for candidates who are short of time)

STEP 1. Read through the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking lessons while making notes. Pay special attention to secrets and tips on impressing your assessor and achieving a higher score.

STEP 2. Do the full practice test included in this book. Instead of sticking strictly to IELTS time limits, spend some additional minutes trying to implement all the useful tips you have learned in this book.

STEP 3. Analyse your performance: write a brief summary on what you were good at, not so good at, and what to improve. Check your answers against the correct ones in the book and try to understand why you were wrong and why the answers in the book are correct. Then go over our tips once more on the skills you need to improve.

STEP 4. With any time left before your exam, locate and work through the relevant Fitness Activities to improve your performance in the skills that you found difficult in the practice test. IELTS Writing Doctor can help you cover the gaps in your use of grammar and vocabulary, and the rated writing samples and the recorded IELTS‐style interview give you insights into how you can get a higher score in writing and speaking.

PLAN B: COMPREHENSIVE PREPARATION (for candidates who have more time, or for teachers/students working with our book on IELTS preparation courses)

STEP 1. Work systematically through the lesson for each IELTS subtest with its detailed descriptions, extensive Q/A, and secrets of impressing an assessor and raising your score. As you read through each lesson chapter carefully, note any information, strategies, tips or advice that are new to you. Underline or highlight the ones that apply to you.

STEP 2. After finishing the lesson for every skill (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking), work through its fitness activities and then check your answers. Analyse any incorrect answers, and try to understand why you were wrong, and why the answer in the book is correct. UNDERSTANDING tasks and mistakes is central to improvement.

Note: if you need some help with your use of grammar or ideas for vocabulary, visit our IELTS Writing Doctor and Top Score Vocabulary in the Writing and Speaking chapters. For a deeper understanding of how to improve your score in writing or speaking, check out the rated writing samples and the recorded IELTS‐style interview with a detailed analysis of the speaker’s performance.

STEP 3. Take the Full practice test. You should work through the test under strict test conditions and in the correct order (L > R > W > S ) observing correct timings for each subtest. Put into practice as many relevant techniques and insights as possible from each of the four skills chapters you have systematically worked through.

When you have completed the full test, you can check your answers. For the Writing and Speaking test you’ll need either to self assess by rating your level in comparison with those in our Writing and Speaking Resource sections, or ask a teacher to give you a rating.

STEP 4. Analyse your test performance and re‐test later. A vital, final stage in our SUCCESS FORMULA is to analyse and evaluate your exit test performance carefully in each of the four subtests and to write brief notes on what you were good at, not so good at, and what to improve. UNDERSTANDING your performance deeply IS MUCH BETTER THAN JUST DOING one, new test after another.

After a week, re‐take the exit test, and carefully re‐analyse your performance. You will by then have applied the IELTS SUCCESS FORMULA! Good luck!

IELTS Success Formula Academic (PDF+Audio)

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