IELTS Tech Writing Essentials

IELTS Tech Writing Essentials is the second book in the IELTS-Tech Series and is the only answer to the Writing Skills for an IELTS, i.e., International English Language Testing System exams. The book has been primarily divided into three sections- Graphical Representations, Letter Writing, and Essays, exclusively according to the IELTS pattern of Examinations.

IELTS Tech Writing Essentials

IELTS- TECH-A complete Toolkit for learning, practicing, and knowing about IELTS. As the world is growing smarter, the ways of its learning and getting education also gets smarter day by day. IELTS-TECH (A TECHNICAL TOOLKIT OF LEARNING INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM) is also acting as a smarter way to learn IELTS via Presentations on its strategies. This toolkit completely clarifies four sections.


This refers to the IELTS aspirants’ development in reading, understanding, and responding to a wide range of spoken, written, and visual English texts. It involves learners’ developing understandings of how texts are organized and how language varies according to the situation, social and cultural contexts, purpose, and audience.


It refers to the IELTS aspirants’ development in writing a range of texts for interpersonal, informational, and aesthetic purposes. It involves developing writing skills including task response, Coherence, Lexical Resource, and Grammar skills


This refers to the IELTS aspirants’ development in using spoken Standard English for communication for social and school-based learning. It involves developing learners’ control over Standard English phonology, word and sentence stress, rhythm and intonation and the information conveyed by these systems.


It refers to the IELTS aspirants’ development in understanding spoken Standard English. It focuses on the ability to actively listen for a purpose and involves learners being able to select and apply strategies to make meaning in a wide range of contexts.

IELTS Tech Writing Essentials


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