IELTS Testbuilder with answer key PDF

The Testbuilder is aimed at those candidates preparing for a score band of six and above in the IELTS exam.

IELTS Testbuilder with answer key

The IELTS Testbuilder with the answer key is more than a book of Practice Tests. It is designed not only to enable you to practise doing tests of exactly the kind you will encounter in the exam itself but also to provide you with valuable further practice, guidance and explanation.


This will enable you to prepare thoroughly for the exam and increase your ability to perform well in it.

The IELTS Testbuilder has been developed for students who are aiming to achieve a minimum of Grade 6 in the academic component of the IELTS exam.

IELTS Testbuilder contains four complete practice tests for the academic version of the International English Language Testing System. These tests closely reflect the level and types of questions to be found in the exam.

IELTS Testbuilder with answer key PDF

Further Practice and Guidance pages In each test, these follow each paper or section of a paper. For the READING AND LISTENING TESTS, the Further Practice and Guidance pages contain exercises, questions, advice and tips directly related to each paper or section.

They encourage you to reach your own decisions as to what the answers in the tests should be. Their step-by-step approach enables you to develop and apply the appropriate processes when answering the questions in the exam.


For the WRITING TEST, they contain language development exercises, help with planning, and a range of authentic sample answers for you to assess.

For the SPEAKING TEST, there are examples of possible question areas, guidance in topic development, and suggestions for useful language.

Key and Explanation This contains full explanations of answers in theTests and Further Practice pages.

For multiple-choice and YesINolNot Given questions, there are clear and detailed explanations not only of the correct answer, but also of why the other options are incorrect.

IELTS Testbuilder


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