IELTS to Success (PDF + Audio)

IELTS to Success is a book that gives you more strategies, good tips and brings a real exam set to help you practice the IELTS exam more effectively.

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IELTS to Success is written for IELTS Academic IELTS test takers with the same sections as the Academic test. You can refer to the General Test Listening and Reading if you want.
Practical books for beginners to familiarize themselves with the test, reading comprehension, and practice exercises.
However, if you have a level of 4.0 or above, start learning because the test is more designed than the strategy and tips so it is more convenient to use it for practice.


As introduced above, the book offers you:

1. IELTS self-study strategy

The introductory section is an introduction to the sections of the IELTS test with an analysis of strategies to prepare for your test.

  • You will be instructed on what to prepare for each Listening – Reading – Speaking – Writing part?
  • Some good tips to take advantage of the time before starting an exam, taking advantage of the suggestions given in the Reading section or the cue card Speaking, Listening questions …. will help you start the test with good preparation. than.
  • Sample exercises and good practice analysis, good strategies to complete the test more effectively are also provided for your reference.
  • ┬áIn particular, this book offers many great tips for each language in the Speaking section. You will get many tips to complete this section of the test better.

2. The IELTS exam is close to the real exam

The book is not in the form of a full set of Listening – Writing, but it divides each skill with its own subject so that you can prepare for each part of the test. With the time and structure such as the IELTS exam, the topic selection and the difficult questions are as easy as the real topic so you can rest assured to practice.

  • There are 3 listening tests with accompanying Audio file, the end of the book has Tapscrip and answers keys for your reference. The Reading section also has answers for you to check at the end of the book.

Speaking With the Speaking and Writing section, you are introduced, how to do and the sample at the end of the book for better reference.


With a systematic design starting from the familiarization of the test to how, the test strategy, please refer to the previous test strategy. Then practice daily.

You can choose to practice individually for each skill or practice from Listening to Reading, Speaking and Writing, such as taking the exam in real time.

When studying a book, take note of what you feel is useful for you, the vocabulary system, and the sentence structure so that it can be used for future exams.

With good strategies and practice exercises close to the real exam, you can easily conquer the test more in this book!

Refer now to learn more effectively!

IELTS to Success (PDF + Audio)


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