IELTS Vocabulary By Topics

IELTS Vocabulary By Topics PDF

IELTS Vocabulary By Topics is one of the best IELTS preparation books that will help you to score high in the IELTS test. The book has an amazing way to list the vocabulary for IELTS. It provides a handed of IELTS words in 7 units.

The book has divided the IELTS vocabulary into seven main topics to make it easy for you to keep deep in mind.  It explains each word and gives an example of it so you can know how to use it. This is one of the best IELTS vocabulary booster books that will boost your IELTS words. 

IELTS Vocabulary Main Contents

The following contents are the main content of this useful book:

  1. Crime and punishment.
  2. Media and advertising.
  3. The environment.
  4. business and Money.
  5. Government.
  6. Sport and exercise.
  7. Space exploration.

BOOK Features:

These are the main features for this book:

  • IELTS vocabulary by topics.
  • Words that help you gain high band IELTS score.
  • It explains each vocabulary with examples. 
  • Easy to keep in mind.

This was our article for today. I hope that it was useful for you and you have got the information you need to know about this book. You can tell us in the comments on how useful you have found this book, so other students can learn from your experiences with it.  

At the end, I wish you all to get all your dreams true and to get the IELTS band score that you have always wanted. Study hard and I am sure you will find the IELTS test super easy. I wish you all the best. Good Luck!

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