IELTS Writing And Speaking Skills

IELTS Writing and Speaking Skills is a guide to develop your IELTS writing and speaking skills as well as a reference resource for common mistakes in those areas as well.

IELTS Writing and Speaking Skills

This book was designed directly from my IELTS Writing and Speaking Video Course. The chapters and the organization of the book follow the course structure, but it also has added tips and advice. I decided to add these extra bits of information because I saw so many of my students making the same mistakes with their writing, speaking, and grammar, that I wanted to put everything in one place to use as a reference.

So this book was written as a guide to developing your IELTS writing and speaking skills as well as a reference resource for common mistakes in those areas as well.

Throughout the book you will see there are writing and speaking tasks that you can use to practice and develop your skills. You will also see buttons like the button below. You can click these buttons and they will take you to extra resources for the course.

In addition to this book, I also wrote a workbook that goes in conjunction with this book. The workbook includes 10 essential IELTS vocabulary lists, vocabulary lists related to other types of vocabulary like transition words, academic vocabulary, verbs to use with gerunds and infinitives, etc. It also contains worksheets, grammar checklists, writing prompts, speaking prompts, and IELTS speaking samples, IELTS writing samples.

Lastly, I want to say good luck! This is something you can do. Students often feel frustrated or lost, but I am here to help. I created this book with you in mind, and I wanted to create a guide to help you get through this preparation process so that you would not feel alone and so that you would get the clear process that you need in order to get the IELTS 7+ band score that you want and deserve. Now let’s get started!

Key Components:

  • IELTS Vocabulary Instruction.
  • IELTS Speaking Task Overview.
  • IELTS Speaking Tasks 1, 2,3.
  • Problem Areas in Speaking for Students.
  • IELTS Writing Task 2.
  • Writing an Academic Essay.
  • Problem Areas in Writing for Students.
  • Key Grammar Points for IELTS (Gerunds/Infinitives/Parallelism).
  • Common Problem Areas in Grammar for Students.




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