IELTS Writing task 1 Academic 2022 | IELTS Actual Tests

IELTS Writing task 1 Academic 2022 covers all the recent IELTS Writing Task 1 questions. It is important to write and practice each essay in order to score a high band. This PDF book will help you get an 8.0 band in your otherwise tough to crack IELTS Writing Test.

IELTS Writing task 1 Academic

IELTS Writing Task 1 Academic requires writing at least 150 words in response to a graph, table, chart or process. You will be presented with factual information and asked to select and report the main features of the data in under 20 minutes.

IELTS recommend you spend no more than 20 minutes on writing task 1. However, the time is yours to manage as you wish. You should write over 150 words.
IELTS writing task 1 is worth only about 33% of your total writing marks. And you will be marked on; Task Achievement (25%), Coherence & Cohesion (25%), Vocabulary (25%), and Grammar (25%).

IELTS Writing task 1 Actual Tests with Answers 2o21 (Academic)

This book provides a number of critical IELTS past questions written over the last three years in different countries. Each question has been personally edited to enhance your understanding and facilitate your practice.

The questions are divided into past IELTS Writing Task 1 (Essay) and Presentation, and these again into three levels: high band 8.0, mid-band 7.5, and low-band 7.0.

This eBook follows the latest version of the Academic IELTS writing prompt which includes: four paragraphs: identifying a problem, presenting a solution, evaluating an argument, and explaining a point of view.

IELTS Academic Writing task 1 contains 111 essays arranged according to the essay types. Sample answers for each answer by IELTS trainers are included. A strategy for each essay type is provided along with a model according to the strategy.

  • Sample answers for each answer by IELTS Trainers.
  • Strategy for each essay type.
  • A model according to the strategy for each essay.

IELTS Academic Writing Recent Actual Tests (Task 1) in 2021-2022 & Sample Answers

“IELTS Academic Writing Recent Actual Tests (Task 1) in 2021-2022 & Sample Answers” provides both IELTS learners and trainers with an extensive collection of writing task one topics.

It covers a rich variety of subjects needed to master this most challenging part of the IELTS writing test. In other words, it provides IELTS trainers with up-to-date, and authentic IELTS writing part one charts, maps, or diagrams with sample answers.

By reading Band 8.0+ Sample Answers with advanced topic-related vocabulary in this amazing IELTS Writing eBook, you are 100% guaranteed to improve your IELTS writing skills and boost your IELTS score to Band 7.0 or higher.

IELTS Academic Writing Recent Actual Tests (Task 1) in 2022 & Sample Answers comprises 106 reports including graphs, maps, diagrams from recent actual tests in 2021. Sample answers are provided for these questions by IELTS Trainers along with highlighted vocabulary specific to the question.

IELTS Writing task 1 Academic 2022



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