Impact Topics!30 Exciting Topics (PDF+CD)

Download Impact Topics! 30 Exciting Topics to Talk About in English (Student Book and Audio CD)

Impact Topics book is a collection of 30 timely topics that students have expressed an interest in discussing. The topics are organized into five categories or themes, and each topic is carefully presented with exercises to help students understand the topics and express their own ideas and values. For use with high school students.

Why choose Impact Issues?

  • Impact Issues is based on a collection of 20 highly engaging topics that spark critical thinking and meaningful discussion. Each unit:
  • Has step-by-step support and language practice.
  • Deepens students’ understanding of topics.
  • It helps them express personal points of view, have animated interactions, and give meaningful presentations.

Presenting your ideas in English:

Impact Issues builds learner fluency and confidence through “high impact” activities. Through stimulating content and personalized tasks, learners can discuss real ideas and present original ideas.