Interactive Games and Activities for language learning

Interactive Games and Activities for language learning provides opportunities for language learners to experience highly interactive and enjoyable learning environments.

Interactive Games and Activities for language learning

Games and activities can be regarded as integral components of language development. They provide concentrated use of language, meaningful contexts, opportunities for real, spontaneous communication and elements of enjoyment that capture learner interest. These make games and activities vital links between structured language practice and ‘real world’ language use. Games and activities can also be used as extremely effective and efficient needs analysis tools, where areas of strength and improvement can easily be seen.

The games and activities in this book are communicative in nature, rather than having set linguistic goals. Hence, the focus of this book is on interaction and successful communication, rather than correct use of language. Nevertheless, in order to complete the games and activities, participants must still use the required language effectively.

Games and activities, by their very nature, are interactive. However, many of them presented in this book lend themselves to highly interactive, whole group participation.

Unlike other similar books, these games and activities have not been divided into levels of ability, as many are easily adjustable to suit needs.

Furthermore, all the games and activities in this book have been designed so that traditional tools, such as pens and paper, are not required, allowing flexibility of environments and minimal preparation.


When to Use Games and Activities

Due to their unpredictable, dynamic nature and spontaneous use of language, games and activities are well-suited to situations and times of free and open communication, as opportunities for participants to use language they have previously studied.

Also, because of their inherent interaction requirements, games and activities are ideal for situations where participants are not familiar with one another, and, therefore, act as reasons, focal points, and avenues for communication.

Furthermore, due to their adaptability and flexibility, games and activities can be used with participants of all language abilities, from elementary through to advanced levels.

Interactive Games and Activities for language learning

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