Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners

Practice Makes Perfect intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners is designed to help beginner- and intermediate-level learners hone their grammatical skills to the point where they are comfortable with English grammar.

Technical terminology has been kept to a minimum, and simple terms are used wherever possible. As a result, you will be able to focus on learning new material.

About The book

Grammar can be frustrating to master as you try to learn a language. This book was written to be easily accessible to students of English as a second language.

You have already begun your study of English grammar. This book will provide you with a higher-level look at that grammar. The numerous examples provide models on which you can rely to form your own original sentences. The many practical exercises give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned. Be sure to use the answer key to check your work. And this second edition is supported by additional review questions in the McGraw-(ill Education Language Lab app.

As you progress through this book, you will find that your confidence in using English is growing, and by the time you finish the book, you will be one major step closer to being a fluent speaker and writer.

Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners

Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners: Get the expert instruction and practice needed to take your English skills to the next level!

Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners helps you take your English grammar skills to a higher level and gives you the confidence to speak and write in your new language. This accessible workbook leads you through English grammar using concise, easy-to-understand language designed to keep you focused on achieving your goal of total fluency.

You’ll learn how to master such tricky topics as verbs, modal, auxiliaries, the passive voice, participial adjectives, subject-verb agreement, and more. The book includes tons of practice and review exercises. Plus, the interactive quizzes available on the app make it easy for you to study on-the-go.

Book Features

Practice Makes Perfect: Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners, 3rd Edition features:

  • Example sentences that illustrate and explain each grammatical point.
  • Guidance and instruction from an expert in ESL learning.
  • Dozens of exercises to suit your learning style.
  • A detailed answer key for quick, easy progress checks.
  • New to this edition: Interactive quizzes via app and additional review exercises in the book.

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Intermediate English Grammar for ESL Learners

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