Kaplan SAT Total Prep 2022

SAT Total Prep 2022 with our comprehensive, easy-to-use online and print prep solutions. It is designed to help you achieve success on the SAT.

Kaplan SAT Total Prep 2022

Kaplan’s biggest ever SAT prep book – 1,000 pages of content review, efficient strategies and realistic practice to help you score!

SAT Total Prep Practice 2022

  • Five full-length Kaplan practice tests: two in the book and three online.
  • More than 2,000 practice questions with detailed explanations, including an expanded online Qbank
  • Pre-quizzes to help you figure out what you already know and what you can skip.
  • Mixed practice quizzes after every chapter to assess how much you’ve learned.
  • 4 Test Yourself sections — test-like practice on mixed topics to ensure you learn the material, unit by unit
  • A practice question at the beginning of each lesson to help you quickly identify its focus, and dedicated practice questions after every lesson to test your comprehension.
  • Expert scoring, analysis, and explanations online for two official College Board SAT Practice Tests.

SAT Total Prep Efficient Strategy 2022

  • “On Test Day” strategy notes in every math chapter to help you remember that the SAT math test is primarily a strategy test.
  • “Reflect” pages that help you evaluate your comfort level with the topics after completing each chapter and make a plan for improving before the test.
  • Kaplan’s expert strategies for each test section, including special techniques for the optional essay.
  • Online study-planning tool helps you target your prep no matter how much time you have before the test.

SAT Total Prep Expert Guidance

  • We know the test: Our learning engineers have put tens of thousands of hours into studying the SAT, and use real data to design the most effective strategies and study plans.
  • Kaplan’s books and practice questions are written by veteran teachers who know students—every explanation is written to help you learn.
  • We invented test prep—Kaplan (kaptest.com) has been helping students for 80 years.

Kaplan’s SAT Total Prep combines everything you need, with a cohesive online and print system. It includes six online practice tests, which cover all subjects tested on the SAT. Included with this motivation guide are explanations of all questions, with detailed answers that explain exactly why right answers are right, and wrong answers are wrong.

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Kaplan SAT Total Prep 2022


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