Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil

The Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil book will improve students’ TOEFL scores in two chief ways. First, it takes a very practical view of the TOEFL.

One TOEFL exam is not very different from any other, and the authors of this book have spent years teaching TOEFL preparation and administering these exams.

They have also read numerous studies of the TOEFL and of the kind of language chat it tests. The very organization of this book has been shaped by this experience.

Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil

This book was written primarily with two groups in mind. First, it can be used by teachers in prepa-ration courses for the Test or English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or in other intermediate to advanced courses in which students need to become familiar with the TOEFL.

This book is also designed for students who are preparing for the test on their own. Both teachers and self-study students will appreciate the clear, carefully written lessons as well as the fact that answer keys are provided for all of the exercises and practice tests. Students who have a previous TOEFL score of below 440 on the paper version of the exam should probably improve their basic knowledge of the language before attempting to devote themselves to TOEFL preparation.

This workbook is designed for international students who need comprehensive TOM. practice Wore taking either the paper-and-pencil version of the TOEFL exam or the newer computer-based TOEFL exam (TOEFL CBT).

Both versions of the TOEFI are still widely used around the world and accepted by American and Canadian universities for admissions purposes. Though the exams and exercises in this workbook are all paper-based. the skills that arc practiced arc important for increasing your TOEFL score on either exam. (At the end of this workbook, you will find a list of those countries where each version of the test is given.)

Both students planning to take the computer-based TOEFL and the paper-and-pencil version of the TOEFL will benefit from this workbook’s plentiful exercises and practice tests. if you are considering taking the computer-based TOEFL CBT or if you want additional TOEFL preparation, we strongly recommend Kaplan’s TOEFL Cal; available in bookstores everywhere.

The TOEFL CRT book/CD-ROM package is filled with test-taking strategies, practice tests, and exercises chat will help you get a high score on the computerized version of this exam.

Kaplan TOEFL Paper and Pencil

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