Kaplan’s GRE Prep 2019

Kaplan’s GRE Complete 2019 is your comprehensive guide acing the GRE master our proven strategies. Kaplan GRE book free download pdf now. Get more GRE books pdf.

Download Kaplan’s GRE Prep 2019 PDF

Download Kaplan’s GRE Prep 2019 PDF: Kaplan’s GRE Complete 2019 is your comprehensive guide acing the GRE—master our proven strategies with three best-selling prep books, boost your math skills, practice your pacing, and become an expert in the exam’s computerized format with two online practice tests.

Book Review:

I really enjoy this book and the explanations; however, I have noticed there are some discrepancies between the answer key and the explanation key. (In the pictures provided you can see the answers aren’t matching up, pages 334 and 335).

It is imperative for Kaplan to fix these errors before publishing the book because I am counting on this book to prepare me for the GRE.

Nonetheless, this book has really good practice problems with different levels of difficulty. It provides clear explanations and has a long list of vocabulary words in the back with synonyms.

I have been using this Kaplan book (2019 edition) along with the Official ETS guide to the GRE (3rd edition) as well as the Manhattan prep essential + advanced vocab Flashcards to prepare me for the GRE and feel the combination of the three is very helpful.

Kaplan has been re-releasing this guide every year since the current version of the GRE debuted in 2011, which is to say the majority of the content is recycled from any edition in the last 8 years. The lone, substantive change is that this book now grants access to fewer practice tests and less online material.

Kaplan’s GRE books are relatively useful for fodder, but they no longer represent anything like a complete guide for any student at any level.

Kaplan's GRE Prep 2019


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