Lady and the Tramp (PDF+Audio)

Download Lady and the Tramp (Walt Disney Read-Along) PDF+Audio:

Experience the magic of Lady and the Tramp in this 8 x 8 storybook and read-along CD that features character voices and sound effects from the classic film! Follow along as two dogs from very different worlds embark on the romantic journey of a lifetime!

Lady and the Tramp Review:

Let me start by saying that my (4-year-old) son LOVES listening to this. I grew up listening to these on 45, and have a wealth of memories of how much I enjoyed them. The thing that annoys me is that some of the best parts of the story are omitted (the dogs singing in the pound, the spaghetti serenade) – things that make Lady and the Tramp such a classic. Also, the “character voices” are not those from the film, so don’t expect that when you listen. Darling sounds like she’s 4 martinis into happy hour, Trusty sounds like he should be starring in HBO’s “Deadwood,” and Tramp sounds like a Sinatra impersonator at Cesar’s Palace. My son is bothered by none of these things, so the issue is really mine.

I do love that Disney has maintained the same “chime” indicator for tuning the page, so I get a nice healthy dose of nostalgia every time I hear Tinkerbell ring her bells.

Also, because it annoys me that this information isn’t posted anywhere on the product info for these read-along, the CD run length is just under 9 minutes.