Listen Up Three Levels (PDF + Audio)

Improve your English listening with the Listen Up course. This course guides young learners through fun and interesting listening activities.

Listen Up 1 to 3 Levels (PDF+Audio)

Listen Up is a fun and easy 3-levels listening course for lower-elementary aged learners of English. In each lesson, colorful characters excite and guide young learners through fun and interesting listening activities.

A carefully designed syllabus provides an appropriate structure to allow students to build up their basic listening skills and comprehension. Each book has 16 core units and four review units.

Listen Up Key Features:

  • Fun and engaging illustrations for young learners
  • Clear and easy-to-follow lesson flow.
  • Short, achievable lessons for students and teachers
  • Practical, everyday topics young learners can relate to
  • Fun and exciting vocabulary and grammar activities
  • Recycling of language to increase retention
  • Personalization activities to increase interest.

Listen Up and improve your English Listening:

Active listening:

Active Listening means not just hearing but listening, feeling and imagining what is being talked about. When someone is talking to you, just listen carefully to that person, do not let your own thoughts divert you from what is being talked about. After the person  speaks some sentences, interrupt the person and express what you have understood.  Paraphrase/ reword and explain what you have grasped till now.
Interpreting other person’s perspective correctly is active listening.

Reading and comprehension:

Read a little with full concentration, interpret it in your own words, and paraphrase it. Then read the same section again and see whether what you have understood is the same as what is written. Only then go ahead with the next section reading.

If I were to talk about my experience:
  • When I read something, I picturize /  visualize it in my mind vividly. This avoids my thoughts from wandering away.
  • I understand people a little even if I met them for the first time. I typically have short conversations,  to the point and concise. This reduces the usage of unwanted words. When I am listening to them, I am aware of the words that they are going to use in the coming sentences.


Listen Up Three Levels (PDF + Audio)