Longman High Impact IELTS: Academic Module (PDF+Audio)

The very interesting IELTS book that the Superingenious website would like to introduce to you today is Longman High Impact IELTS: Academic Module.

Longman High Impact IELTS: Academic Module (PDF+Audio)

At the end of this article, you are gonna be able to get the Teacher Book and Student Book as  PDF with the Audio.

Review Longman High Impact IELTS: Academic Module:

Book includes 2 books Teacher Book – Student Book. In which, SB is a study book and practice problem while TB is a guide to solve problems learned in SB.
As shared by the book information above, you get the source of knowledge on 9 topics that are:

– Social Issues.

– Life and Leisure.

– The word around us.

– Cultural Concerns.

– Health matters.

– Back to School.

– In the papers.

– On the road.

– Looking ahead.

This is a set of books designed logically according to the 4 skills of each different topic. Detailed lessons and practice exercises to help you learn by yourself and improve your skills better. Especially good vocabulary and grammar to apply for the IELTS test in the future.

Specifically, the Studentbook provides:

  • – 9 large Units under common topics in which each Unit is divided into 12 sections to help you practice knowledge and the complete system applies to all 4 sections according to the IELTS test structure.
  • – The sections are not fixed in the Reading, Listening or Writing, Speaking sections, but alternating, focusing on the introduction, sharing tips, vocabulary, grammar and practice to practice closer to the real test. Results of the techniques applied to each section of the test.
  • – In the important exercises, there is a Point of Impact – sharing effective learning tips and points to study when studying each topic. These tips are very useful, so please refer carefully.
  • – Design beautiful colour books, especially map illustrations, charts to help you visualize better.
  •  The Studentbook provides knowledge and exercises, and the Teacherbook answers the answers and shares points to be aware of when studying.
  •  It also has audio scripts, so you can rest assured to check listening answers and other lessons!
  • With this pair of books, you can easily learn at home. However, books that are suitable for the parallel study of teachers and teachers will explain more thoroughly the knowledge in the book. However, if you study by yourself, you can still check the answers and test your level as usual.

Longman High Impact IELTS: Academic Module (PDF+Audio)

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