Makkar IELTS Academic Essays PDF

Makkar IELTS Academic Essays course is one of the best IELTS matters that you can use to prepare for the IELTS Academic essays.

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Makkar IELTS Academic Essays from the past exams pdf

The Makkar IELTS Academic Essays book is meant to help the average student crack the IELTS essay. over 10 years of my IELTS coaching experience has taught me a lot about what would help students do better in the writing module of the IELTS.

Over the years, I have seen fairly good students getting 7+ in the other modules of the IELTS, fall to less than 6 bands in the writing module, but I have also seen those with less than 6 in the other modules, get a 6 in writing.

Over the years, I have coached thousands of students, checked their writings almost every day, and so t somehow know what precisely they have written in their exams. From their writing band scores, I have made important deductions as to what works, and what does not work in an IELTS essay.

The IELTS essay has to have a plan. Time spent on the plan is time well invested. A plan is a surety going to produce an essay, which works.

A crisp, but brief and to-the-point introduction and conclusion, and two to three well-planned paragraphs with relevant topic sentences, is all that is needed for the IELTS essay.

This book has over 330 essays seen in the actual IELTS exams, most of which have been repeated many times. Valuable contributions have been made to the book by Sumeet Kaur (CELTA certified, and my top faculty), Ravpreet Singh (head of Mohali Central, Mrs.

Anupam Kaur (looking after the online students), and Indroop Singh (faculty and student counsellor, Phagwara Centre). This book would not have been possible without their efforts.

I hope you enjoy going through the essays in the book.

Makkar IELTS Academic Essays PDF

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