Makkar IELTS Academic Exam Reading (Volume 1)

Makkar IELTS Academic Exam Reading V1

Makkar IELTS Academic Exam Reading Volume1 book contains 7 Solved Readings From Past IELTS Exams in PDF Format with detailed comments and highlights for the answers. This will help you in doing actual exam level practice for the IELTS Reading Module.

Although these readings often get repeated in actual IELTS exams but there is no guarantee that these readings will be asked in the upcoming exam.

Makkar IELTS Academic

This book contains 20 complete readings which will provide actual exam level practice to the students. At the end of every reading, we have provided the meanings for the difficult words which will help you to understand the reading better. Also, the students must learn these words as they are often repeated in the exams. The beginning of the book includes strategies on how to approach the IELTS reading exam along with tips for individual question types.

Makkar IELTS

It is a very interesting for me. This book helps me a lot in the preparation of IELTS.  Helpful. Recommend to all those who feel difficulties in reading modules. Excellent reading material for Ielts with vocabulary And meaning. It very usesfull reading book. I really hope that you are going to like it.



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