Marvellous Techniques for IELTS Writing

Today I am going to introduce to you an extremely popular book for IELTS Writing: “Marvellous Techniques for IELTS Writing”.

 Marvellous Techniques for IELTS Writing

This is a universal book that is suitable for almost everyone. Whether you are at basic or intermediate level, this book is a perfect choice. This book is for students who are not only studying for themselves, but also teachers who are teaching IELTS as well as using this book as part of their lessons.

However, if you talk about the most suitable object to use this book, it is that you are at level 5 – 5.5 and want to raise your band score higher.

The highlight of this book compared to books like “Improve your IELTS Writing Skills 4.5 – 6.0” is that the book is compiled in bilingual. Besides the English section, the Vietnamese language is explained very clearly so that students can fully understand the lesson content. This is extremely necessary for you at the level of Basic.

In addition, the book impresses as a skill teacher when a quarter of the book focuses on analyzing the scoring criteria of IELTS Writing (which even native speakers do not know. it is also impossible to achieve a high score). For example, how many complex sentences must be used to get a band score of 5, 7 or 9, how to use academic vocabulary appropriately or the importance of coherence in writing … All of the word elements Vocabulary, grammar, segmentation, coherence, and idea creation are all guided by the author in detail.

The book divides the forms of Task 1 and Task 2 into sub-topics, each with four grading criteria. The author also selected the most common topics in the exam questions of recent years to facilitate you to practice and save time. From providing vocabulary resources, sample solutions for each topic to how to implement each type of lesson ideas are quite detailed compared to other titles.


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