Million Dollar Vocabulary Playbook

Million Dollar Vocabulary Playbook will help you to learn over 600 words and their meanings–and use them in everyday life.

Million Dollar Vocabulary Playbook

From the very first listening session, your personal vocabulary will grow. Million Dollar Vocabulary contains breakthrough processes to make it easier to learn over 600 words and their meanings–and use them in everyday life.

This vocabulary builder consists of ten vocabulary lessons and two Paraliminals on 6 CDs or MP3 format for you to download along with a 68-page PDF playbook. The playbook supports the lessons with quizzes and crossword puzzles, tips for expanding your vocabulary, and an extensive glossary.

Listen to an Audio Lesson

Start by listening to the first lesson. Come back to this playbook to review the corresponding chapter. Consider listening to a second time before going on.

Each of the 10 audio lessons of your Million Dollar Vocabulary Course has a chapter in this playbook to support what you have learned. Hearing or seeing a word at first may generate a feeling of familiarity, producing a pleasant curiosity that leads you forward to further learning. You connect with these words more deeply through your active participation and use of them while speaking and writing. Each and every time you purposefully choose to use a word, you instantly make it available as an ongoing part of your vocabulary.

Paraliminal Learning Sessions (Lessons 11 & 12)

Begin listening to Paul Scheele’s Paraliminal Learning Sessions at least once weekly to fully absorb and integrate your new vocabulary. Listen periodically after you finish the course for review and continued enrichment.

The relaxing, yet deeply effective nature of Paraliminal Learning Sessions necessitates listening in a place free from distractions where you feel comfortable to close your eyes. Do not listen while driving a car. Use stereo headphones to fully enjoy the experience. At times you will hear different voices in either ear speaking the words and definitions of your Million Dollar Vocabulary. Relax. You do not have to follow along; the messages are designed to speak to your inner mind.

Million Dollar Vocabulary Playbook


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