Mission IELTS 1 Academic (PDF+Audio)

The IELTS Mission book series is like a home IELTS course for everyone. Currently, there are 2 books Mission IELTS 1 and Mission IELTS 2 (PDF and CD).

We will talk in this post about Mission IELTS 1 Academic Student’s Book (PDF and CD) and in another post about Mission IELTS 2 (PDF and CD).

Download Mission IELTS 1 Academic Student’s Book (PDF+Audio)

Mission IELTS 1 Academic is the first in a series of books of the same name “Mission IELTS”. Materials such as a short course help readers learn IELTS more effectively. Each lesson will cover a topic and go into an intensive IELTS skill, setting the goals you must achieve through that lesson on vocabulary, skills, grammar and about the exercise to grasp.

 you can also check  Mission IELTS 1 General Training  If you are preparing for the IELTS General test.

Book Contains:

  • 16 units dive into topics from reliable sources.
  • Practice vocabulary exercises, essential vocabulary knowledge areas such as collocations, phrasal verbs, thematic phrases.
  • Additional parts of vocabulary and grammar develop context.
  • Practical exercises for all 4 skills.
  • Tips, tips for taking exams effectively.

Mission IELTS 1 Academic is the first in a two-course book series that aims to help students to achieve their potential for success in the IELTS exam.

Each of its thematic units aims to develop the core language and skills needed for success in one of the IELTS papers. Its innovative unit structure enables the user to focus in-depth on language and skills to improve performance in the different sections of each paper and provides thorough exam awareness training and practice for the different tasks in this paper. The series is complete with a General Training Course supplement.

Mission IELTS 1 Academic (PDF+Audio)

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