Nevers by Sara Cassidy PDF

Check out the Nevers  English language story by Sara Cassidy to improve your English language reading skills. It is a fantastic and magical book with a memorable heroine; prepare to be transported.

Nevers by Sara Cassidy PDF

Nevers by Sara Cassidy PDF, Resourceful fourteen-year-old Odette is on the move again, traveling as a stowaway on a cheese cart with her hapless mother, Anneline. They are in Burgundy, France, in 1799, fleeing yet another calamity caused by Anneline (who is prone to killing people accidentally).

At dawn they find themselves in a town called Nevers, which is filled with eccentric characters, including a man who obsessively smells hands, another who dreams of becoming a chicken, and a donkey that keeps the town awake at night, braying about his narrow life.

As Odette establishes a home in an abandoned guardhouse, she makes a friend in the relaxed Nicois and finds work as a midwife’s assistant. She and Nicois uncover a mystery that may lead to riches and, more important for Odette, a sense of belonging.

Nevers by Sara Cassidy


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