New Headway Elementary PDF

New Headway Elementary PDF and Audio A completely new Elementary edition from the world’s best-selling adult English course, with new digital resources for 2011. The Fourth edition brings you fully revised and updated texts, topics, and artwork, and the 2011 resources make it the most digital-friendly edition yet.

New Headway Elementary PDF

Headway’s trusted methodology combines solid grammar and practice, vocabulary development, and integrated skills with communicative role-plays and personalization.

Authentic material from a variety of sources enables students to see new language in context, and a range of comprehension tasks, language and vocabulary exercises, and extension activities practise the four skills. ‘Everyday English’ and ‘Spoken grammar’ sections practise real-world speaking skills, and a writing section for each unit at the back of the book provides models for students to analyse and imitate.

Headway’s balanced methodology combines the best of traditional approaches – solid grammar and practice, vocabulary development etc – and newer approaches, such as communicative role-play and personalization.

Here are three of them:

i) Grammar has a core place in language teaching and learning.

ii) A wide variety of practice tasks in all the four skills are essential to language learning.

iii) Everyday expressions, particularly of spoken English, also need a place in the syllabus. These can be functional, social, situational or idiomatic.

Book Feature

  • Clear focus on grammar.
  • Balanced, integrated-skills syllabus.
  • Real-world speaking skills – Everyday English, Spoken English, Music of English.
  • Digital resources for interactive whiteboards – New Headway Classroom Presentation Tool.
  • Full teacher support – resources, photocopiables, tests and more – in print and online.

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New Headway Elementary PDF


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