Oxford English for Information Technology

Oxford English for Information Technology is an easy-to-use course for students specializing in computing and information technology. All four language skills are consolidated and developed through a variety of authentic, and visual materials related to the topic. The Teacher’s Guide provides teaching objectives, notes, and an answer key, tapescript, and photocopiable progress tests.

Oxford English for Information Technology

Oxford English for Information Technology is a course for students of information technology and computing, or for people already working in the IT sector. It is suitable for use in universities, technical schools, and on adult education programmes, with students at intermediate to advanced level who want to improve and extend their language skills in the context of IT.

This Second Edition has been carefully and selectively revised to take account of recent developments in this fast-moving sector, and to ensure that the material is up to date. The new material reflects changes in such areas as technical specifications, new technologies, and working practices. The glossary has also been updated.

Student’s Book

There are 25 units covering a wide range of current IT topics, using authentic texts and visual material taken from textbooks, newspapers, popularcomputing magazines, Internet newsgroups, webpages, manuals, and advertisements.

Each unit contains work on a mix of language skills and every fifth unit focuses specifically on developing listening skills through authentic interviews with IT professionals. For students already proficient in computing in their own language, there are additional longer specialist reading texts. The Student’s Book includes a comprehensive glossary of current IT terminology.

Oxford English for Information Technology

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