Oxford IELTS Practice Test with explanatory key

The Oxford IELTS Practice Test is very useful to offer practice opportunities for those who are going to sit for the test. This is one of the best IELTS practice books. I hope to Enjoy it. and It is going to be helpful for you. 

Oxford IELTS Practice Test with explanatory key

This book is dedicated to the Academic format, so if you choose to take the General Test, you can refer to the Listening and Speaking tests.

But the special feature of this book is that the first part you will have a section called IELTS Factlife gives a brief introduction to the test with familiar exam types. Below are the Tips and Hints section that provides good tips and strategies for you to apply to your exam.

The book provides you with 4 tests with real exam questions, equivalent difficulty level. Audio included for you to listen effectively.

The interesting point here, when the test, the author gives you a tip right next to apply for the test. Therefore, you will have a better way to do your homework faster and meet the time given.

After finishing 4 tests, you will be provided with answers, sample papers for Writing and Speaking with audio scripts to check the Listening section.

In particular, the answer section clearly explains why you should choose that answer, not just provide the answer for you. This helps you better understand where you went wrong and no longer fret. This is the advantage that other test books share less for you.

Not just a test book, the tips and explanations provided by the author will definitely help you to study effectively.

So, write down new vocabulary, find out test-taking tips and apply details to your test. Through tests, your ability will increase that much.

Oxford IELTS Practice Test with explanatory key



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