Oxford IELTS Practice Tests

Oxford IELTS Practice Tests

Oxford IELTS Practice Tests course will provide you with four tests for the International English Language Teaching System test (IELTS test).  This awesome course comes with audio and answer sheets. You are going to get writing samples for IELTS writing.

Oxford IELTS Practice Tests (PDF+Audio)

This book contains four complete practice tests for IELTS (the International English Language Testing System), covering the Listening, Academic Reading, Academic Writing and Speaking modules in each test.lt is intended for use either as part of a classroom preparation course for the exam or for self-study at home.

Test 1 and Test 2 contain extensive advice and thorough training for all the most common question types used in the exam.The explanatory key edition also contains explanations for why answers are correct.lt is recommended that self-study students use the explanatory key edition.

How to use this book

Begin by reading this Introduction, referring to each component of the book in turn. Then read the helpful advice on each module in the IELTS Factfile on pages 6-9.

The next step is to work through Tests 1 and 2.To get the most from the training they contain, follow this special procedure:

  • Before beginning each exam task, read the Strategies which describe how to approach it.
  • Then answer the question s in improve your skills. Remember to check your answers to these, which are located at the end of each test.
  • Finally, attempt the exam task, making use of the skills you have learned.

In Tests 3 and 4, you can apply the skills you have developed. Any of the tests can also be done under exam conditions, including Tests 1 and 2, provided you leave the Strategies and improve your skills until after you finish.

lf using the explanatory key edition, you can also check your answers and review questions that you found difficult.