Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test Book 2 (PDF+Audio)

Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test Book 2 is a practical practice test book for students preparing for the TOEFL Junior test.

It consists of 3 practical mock exams with the same format and difficulty as the actual exam, and each mock exam is divided into three areas:

  • Reading Comprehension,
  • Language Form and Meaning,
  • and Listening Comprehension.

This book consists of the main book containing the questions and answers, scripts and English explanations, the book in the book containing the interpretation of the passages, and the MP3 CD.

In addition, the words frequently used in the TOEFL Junior Test are arranged in the appendix to enable effective vocabulary learning in a short period of time.

This book is a textbook for candidates who are preparing for the TOEFL Junior Test, and contains frequently occurring topics and typical problem types in the actual TOEFL Junior Test at the same difficulty level as the actual test.

Therefore, by taking the mock test identical to the actual test, the candidates can develop their ability to adapt to the test and achieve high scores in the test.

Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test Book 2 (PDF+Audio)

Download Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test Book 2 (PDF+Audio): Every year, as the world becomes more globalized, the importance of knowing the English language increases. As a result, it is crucial for students to be able to determine how well they know English. This is one of the reasons that standardized tests are so common.

TOEFL Junior is a relatively new standardized test. It is intended for middle school and high school students who are learning English. The test serves a couple of purposes. First, it enables young learners of the English language to rate their abilities.

They can, therefore, find out which aspects of the English language they are skilled in and which aspects they need to improve upon. Second, TOEFL Junior helps prepare young learners for the TOEFL test, which they may take at some time in the future.

Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test Book 2 is the first book in a three-book series. The goal of this book is to provide students with practice tests that are as similar to the real TOEFL Junior tests as possible. In this way, this book enables students to get the practice they need to excel on the TOEFL Junior test when they take it.

This book has been written so that young learners may prepare to take the TOEFL Junior test either in a classroom environment or by themselves.

We hope that both young learners and instructors will find this book useful. By utilizing Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test, young learners will be able both to increase their scores on the TOEFL Junior test and to improve their knowledge of the English language.

Perfect TOEFL Junior Practice Test Book 2

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