Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker

Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker is a comprehensive book that shows you how to go from ordinary to extraordinary when you speak in public.

This book provides a well-written text and clear, easily followed exercises which clarify the component parts of effective speech: tone, speed, emphasis, etc. Helpful for identifying the speech habits which can block the delivery of a message.

Power Speaking: The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker

Integrating key concepts and ideas about public speaking into a clear, step-by-step, transformational method, Power Speaking teaches emerging speakers how to grow the necessary skills and unleash their inner power.

Divided into proficiency levels-mastering the basics, making the connection, and polishing the core-this guide allows speakers to conquer public speaking systematically.

Readers start with the use of voice and body movements, then move on to learn the use of personal stories, intent listening, and positioning or reframing a topic.

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Power Speaking-The Art of the Exceptional Public Speaker

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