Practical Everyday English (PDF + Audio)

Practical Everyday English contains clear explanations and examples of every one of the words or phrases, as well as the dialogs and the exercises.

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Practical Everyday English

Practical Everyday English is the first volume in the Practical Everyday English series. It is a self-study book with an audio CD, designed to improve the vocabulary of upper intermediate and advanced students of English as a foreign language.

This book has a special focus on phrasal verbs, advanced vocabulary, and idioms. Unlike a dictionary, this book actually teaches students how and when to use the words by giving true-to-life examples, entertaining dialogue, and useful exercises.

Practical Everyday English is not just a book, but a method that helps upper-intermediate and advanced students to understand and then uses everyday vocabulary.

Most of the material in the book is good conversational English rather than academic. However, I should like to point out that “good conversational English” does not mean street slang.

There is included within the book a small amount of slang which now passes as “acceptable” English, but even members of the British Royal Family would use most of the phrases and idioms contained in these pages.

Purpose of the Book

You may feel, as an upper intermediate or advanced student, very frustrated at your recent lack of progress in English. Your grammar is good; you have taken and passed some of the important recognized written English exams but you still struggle to follow a conversation between native English speakers.

You feel stupid and depressed that, despite years of studying English and even living in an English-speaking country, you keep having to say, “Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you repeat that please?”You pick up a newspaper and often only understand 50% of what you are reading. especially reported speech.

Television and the cinema, without subtitles, present you with enormous difficulties… Or maybe you can understand nearly everything but feel you cannot express yourself in modern, idiomatic English.

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Practical Everyday English

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