Practical Grammar Level 2

Here is Practical Grammar Level 2. This is the second book in a series of grammar books for students of English. Level 2 introduces grammar to students at beginner to pre-intermediate level. It aims to:

  • Teach all the key grammar at elementary level.
  • Improve accuracy with grammar.
  • Help students use grammar in real-life situations, including conversations.

Organisation of the book

Practical Grammar Level 2 has 100 units, organised into blocks of five units. Each block is made up of four main units about an area of grammar and a fifth review unit.
After every ten units, there is a progress test at the back of the book to check understanding. You’ll also find extra useful information in the appendices (pages 232-237) and an index (pages 266-270) for quick reference.
A key feature of the book is the CDs which you can use to listen to the conversations in the book and improve your pronunciation of grammar items.

Using Practical Grammar Level 2

Practical Grammar Level 2 is ideal for use as self-study or in the classroom with a teacher. We present basic elementary grammar in the early units and then increase the difficulty in later units.
Most students can begin at unit 1 and work through the rest of the units in order. Other students who are already familiar with some English grammar can choose different units and work on a specific area of grammar. (Use the contents or the index to do this.)
If you want to use Practical Grammar Level 2 as a supplementary study book with your classroom course, you can also select particular units to match the lessons.


Grammar in real contexts

The rules of grammar are important but it’s also important to see the grammar being used in a real-life situation. For this reason, each unit introduces the grammar through a short conversation or text.

After the presentation of the grammar, there are exercises that practise the new language in authentic contexts with recordings on the CDs to hear the language in use.

Practical Grammar Level 2

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