Practice Makes Perfect Basic English 2019

Practice Makes Perfect Basic English 2019 is an easy-to-use workbook to teach you how to read and speak English.

Practice Makes Perfect Basic English 2019 PDF

Learn how to read and speak English with this easy-to-use workbook. Dozens of manageable, bite-sized lessons take you through the basics of the English language. Three-page units cover each subject, which can be completed in just 20 minutes.

Each lesson covers a single grammar concept and is supported by many clear examples. The book includes tons of exercises to help you practice your new language skills. Plus, you’ll also have access to streaming audio recordings of the most difficult English sounds to pronounce.

There is really only one way to learn a new language, and that is to build your vocabulary, learn the verb tenses and the mechanics of that language, and then practice, practice, practice. This workbook was designed to help you do just that.
This workbook will help you to proficiently learn and effectively master the strategies and methods needed to provide you with a solid foundation in English. All the lessons are presented in a simple and progressive format designed to help you retain the knowledge and gain confidence by applying and reinforcing the skills acquired throughout the workbook.
You will learn the mechanics of English through user-friendly, interactive, and well-constructed grammar exercises. These exercises are loaded with everyday basic words intended to help you quickly and efficiently enrich your vocabulary and give you a firm understanding of the lesson before moving on to the next.
Ample space is provided in each lesson for you to record your new vocabulary words in a central location to allow you to study these words regularly and refer back to them quickly when necessary. Be sure to learn these words by heart as they are basic and useful English words.
The second section of Practice Makes Perfect: Basic English provides you with a variety of review exercises specially designed to allow you to measure your comprehension and retention of the concepts covered in the lessons of this workbook.
Since these review exercises are directly related to the learning objectives of this workbook, they will allow you to recognize your achievements and highlight your progress. They will also provide you with the opportunity to strengthen your abilities by serving as extra practice for the material previously studied. To assure a fair and accurate self-evaluation of your progress, be sure to complete the entire workbook before attempting these review exercises.
This Premium Third Edition is enhanced by 50 pronunciation exercises, available as streaming audio through the McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app. These exercises provide extensive practice of the sounds that learners of English find particularly difficult simply to listen and repeat. The text of the thirty example sentences for each exercise is provided in the appendix of this book, as well as within the app.

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic English, Premium Third Edition features:

Here are the main features of this book:
  • Lessons and exercises to expand your vocabulary.¬†
  • Review exercises to measure your progress.¬†
  • Fun word search puzzles and scramble sentence exercises.
  • An answer key for all the exercises in the book.
  • Streaming audio of numerous exercise answers, available online and via our exclusive.
  • McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app.
  • Additional audio recordings of the most difficult sounds to pronounce in English.
  • All aspects of grammar and basic vocabulary that a first-year student needs to know.

Practice Makes Perfect Basic English 2019

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